About Us


When you first walk in the doors at the Saddlery, before you are taken by the size and depth of the place, you will be greeted by Smokestack. Our fully mounted Brahma bull. Smokestack used to buck cowboys off his back as a rodeo bull. In his prime, he tipped the scales at more then two thousand two hundred pounds and thought of cowboys as a nuisance. After nine years on the rodeo circuit in Texas and Oklahoma, he was retired. But instead of making him into hamburger, we decided to memorialize him in a bucking position here in our Cowboy Bar. Take picture in front of him, and imagine the power and meanness he once displayed.

If you were going to build a Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse, this is the place you would create. Real saddles as bar stools, a stage and dance floor designed for the best acoustics, a cowboy shop with saddles, hats, boots, shirts, handbags and everything cowboy, five Buffalo Mounts looking down at 5 red felt pool tables, booth and stools to seat 250 people, a patio with views of Boulder Mountain and speakers so you don’t miss a note of music. A three lane dart alley with a Bighorn Sheep to keep an eye on the score, a menu with buffalo, beef, elk and venison. A bar lit up with a Utah elk horn chandelier with your favorite drafts and cowboy cocktails. Now add live country music every weekend. This is the Saddlery Cowboy Bar and Steakhouse. As we like to say, this is the Cowboy Bar you’ve been practicing for!

bull_rider_pic copy


Country music is our driving force. The best Country Bands from Utah and Colorado play here. Charlie Jenkins, Artie Hemphill, Roundabout, Mark Owens, Jagertown have all played on our stage. We are on the road west toward Las Vegas and California, and this means we have traveling bands from Nashville, Kansas and points east stop by and play some of the hottest renditions of Country Music. If you like Country Music and if you like to dance, this is the place to be. Check out our calendar and see who is coming. Then put on your dancing shoes!


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